Photo of the Day: August 19, 2016 – West End Beach in Traverse City

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I’ve been hearing more about West End Beach in Traverse City lately. That’s the beach down by the volleyball courts on the Parkway. It’s also the place where the youngsters hang out (I know this because my 19-year-old is one of those youngsters) and the place where you see people relaxing in hammocks strung between those trees which are just perfect for hammocks.

Anyway, it’s a really cool place with lots of trees and an expansive beach, which I believe stretches all the way down the Parkway to M72 and Tom’s West Bay. I’m not sure if that’s all considered West End Beach, but I think so, according to the West End Beach page on

(BTW, that’s not a beached sea creature in the photo – it’s some sort of paddle board thingie, though it would be much more interesting if it was something out of a movie on the Syfy channel.)

Bay View Insurance of Traverse City Michigan



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