Photo of the Day: Sept. 19, 2016 – Ted Ayers’ Barn

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It’s time for another photo of Ted Ayers’ Barn. I looked back in the Old Mission Gazette archives and see that I posted one about this time last year. It looks pretty much the same, only with more vines.

The barn is on the corner of Center Road and Swaney Road as you’re heading out towards the Lighthouse. It’s owned by our friend Dennis Bee now, but I still think of it as Ted Ayers’ barn (Dennis is Ted’s grandson).

Ted, who ran Gleason & Co. for many years (who remembers waiting in line into the night for lugs?), passed away in 1980. His wife, Gladys, passed away in 2001 at the age of 93. Read her obituary here.


  1. I know that barn , Jane — we notice it every year when we leave The Pines to visit the Lighthouse — nostalgia !!!!
    Dave Middlemas


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