Photo of the Day: Sept. 7, 2016 – Ostlund Memorial Bench at Haserot Beach

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Jerry Ostlund sent a note along that there’s a new memorial bench at Haserot Beach dedicated to his family, Frank and Dana Ostlund, and Allan Miller Unruh. The bench is located at the parking area nearest to the play structure. So when you go past the Legion Hall and around the corner towards Haserot Beach, it’s the first parking space on the right.

I love these types of memorials because they’re not only a beautiful tribute to family members, but they’re also functional for current residents.

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When my beloved sister-in-law Roxanne Boursaw passed away several years ago, the Boursaw family dedicated a seat in her name at the State Theatre in downtown Traverse City. Whenever I sit in that seat for a movie, I always feel like Rox and I are seeing the movie together.

I hope the Ostlunds and others with memorial benches feel that connection to their family when they sit there. Thanks, Jerry, for sending the note along, and for the beautiful new bench at Haserot Beach.


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