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On Monday, October 3, at 9:30 a.m., the Peninsula Township Planning Commission Committee on Master Plan Implementation will hold a meeting to begin the process of developing work plans from the Master Plan.

The meeting will be held in the conference room at the Township Offices, and if more space is needed, will move to the Township Hall. The meeting will include a round-table discussion, and the public is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.

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The Planning Commission recently finished its five-year review of the Master Plan and concluded that the Plan needs only small changes, mainly in the mapping area. The Township Board concurs, and all agree that the Master Plan, approved in 2011, is a good document that is still relevant.

The complaints have been NOT that the 2011 Master Plan is bad, but that so little of it has been implemented. So the issue is how those of us who work for and with the Township can “get the ball rolling” on implementation. How can we achieve the goals in the Plan, what needs to be done and by whom, and what are the priorities?

The meeting packet (download it here) includes a spreadsheet that outlines all the Goals and Actions of the Master Plan. This is a tool to help figure out specific work plans for the Planning Commission and others to complete the Actions and accomplish the Goals. (My apologies for such a small font size on the spreadsheet. If you’d like the spreadsheet in the electronic excel format, feel free to email me at [email protected].)

The 2011 Master Plan, which includes a Goals and Actions Worksheet (a fairly large file), is on the Township website – download it here.

If you cannot attend, we welcome comments and suggestions. Send them either to me, [email protected], or to Gordon Hayward, Director of Planning & Zoning, at [email protected].

(Note: The phrase used to describe the meeting business on the notice states “Zoning Ordinance Process.” Zoning ordinance will be a large part of this, but it is not the first step or the only process.)


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