Photo of the Day: Oct. 14, 2016 – Dan Dohm, Grape Farmer Extraordinaire

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I was out taking photos of the grape harvest around Chateau Chantal and said Hi to a group of folks standing by some tanks full of grapes near the corner of Center Road and Kroupa Road. One of them turned out to be Dan Dohm, who owns the vineyards from Center Road heading east up the hill.

“Dohm” is a longtime Old Mission Peninsula name, and if I remember correctly, Dan’s parents were Elton and Doris, who owned that farm forever. I believe they lived on Center Road there, near the corner of Kroupa Road, but if not, someone correct me in the comments below, or feel free to expand on that particular Dohm lineage.

Thanks for being our Photo of the Day, Dan! (Oh, and I looked up “grape farmer,” and apparently, you’re a “viticulturist.”)

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