Photo of the Day: Oct. 2, 2016 – There’s a Giant Puffball in Ogdensburg Cemetery

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After church, Mom and I drove through the Ogdensburg cemetery and spotted a giant puffball on the north side, near the corner of Center Road and Ladd Road. I know some people fry them up and eat them for dinner, so if that’s you, there you go. I’ve never tried one, but I’m not much of a mushroom/fungi eater.

The only thing I know about them is if you’re mauled by a bear in the woods and need something to clot the wound, look for a dried-up puffball. Things you learn as a kid growing up on the Old Mission Peninsula. (I heard rumors of a bear in our swamp when I was a kid. The puffball intel above is not related, though.)

As a side note, Mom remembered that dad was in the cemetery (she doesn’t always), and even said that she supposed she’ll be joining him one day. She’ll be 92 in December, so every day is a gift.



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