Old Mission History: Clarissa Boursaw, Virginia Hubbell & Deni Hooper at Peninsula Community Library Circa 1957

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Since there are big changes afoot for the Peninsula Community Library, I thought it’d be fun to post a little throwback photo from the vault, circa 1957. Pictured in this photo, left to right, are Clarissa Boursaw (my husband Tim’s grandma), Virginia Hubbell and Deni Hooper. They’re setting up the shelves at the library’s temporary home, which was on the stage in the gym at Old Mission Peninsula School.

Peninsula Community Library opened to the public on July 15, 1957, not long after the school itself was built. The first classes began school there in the fall of 1957. Tim’s kindergarten class was the first one at the new school (with Mrs. Dewitt as teacher – I had her eight years later). But Tim says the kindergarten classroom wasn’t ready yet, so that fall, their class was held in the lobby of the gym.

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That gym got a lot of use that first year!

Update: I originally noted the middle person in the photo as Rebecca Mericle, but received this note from Tess Bates-Williams: “I have an original of this picture, and the person in the middle is not who is stated. It is my mother, Virginia Hubbell. Both my brother and sister went to Old Mission – they were Ric and Cyndi Hubbell.”


  1. I am Clarissa Boursaw’s grandson. I have never seen this picture. Thank you Jane. I worked a long summer in the orchards and Gleason’s. I lived with my grandma. She was so caring, like my mom, her daughter. This post made my day. I loved her.


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