Photo of the Day: Nov. 3, 2016 – Traverse City Skyline from West End Tavern

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This photo was taken through the window from a table at West End Tavern, where I met some friends for dinner. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the food is amazing. I had their organic mixed greens salad, which was terrific – grapes, celery, apple, feta cheese and candied walnuts, with a poppy seed dressing for $11 (I paid $7 for half, and it was plenty).

West End Tavern is located at the corner of Cherry Bend Road and West Bay Shore Drive in Greilickville. Check out their website here.

The Traverse City skyline really hasn’t changed much in the past 50 or 60 years. The Park Place Hotel, Traverse City State Bank clock, Maritime Academy, Courthouse clock … there have been rebuilds here and there, but nothing that really impacts the view from across West Bay. It’s interesting to think about how that will change if tall buildings start springing up.


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