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While going through some old photos, I found this one of what we called “Barney’s Barn,” because our friend Barney Kramer lived in the accompanying house, on the corner of Old Mission Road and Center Road, at the time.

Barney, whose family lived at the Kramer farm on Center Road near the intersection of Bluff Road, was later killed in a car crash, the victim of a drunk driver. Tim and I had a band at the time, and we even wrote a song about it called “Where’s Barney.” Part of the soundtrack included the noise of diners at the Old Mission Tavern (it took us a few tries to get just the right recording there).

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Anyway, the barn was fascinating because it leaned in the wind, as you can see in the photo above, but if the wind was blowing in the other direction, the barn stood up straight again. The barn is gone now, but I believe you can still see the foundation from Center Road, in the field behind the house.

As a side note, I took the above photo while out riding with Rob Weber in his XKE Jaguar. Yes, I made it back alive. Here’s a pic of “Web” and the Jaguar near Mission Point Lighthouse, and one of the car during the photo shoot.

And as a related note, Barney was such a good guy. When we lived in my grandma’s house on the corner of Peninsula Drive and Kroupa Road, a bunch of us got snowed in there one weekend, including Barney. He was learning sign language at the time, so he could communicate with Web’s deaf siblings.

rob weber, mission point lighthouse, xke jaguar
Rob Weber and his XKE Jaguar, near Mission Point Lighthouse | Jane Boursaw Photo, circa late 1970s
rob weber, mission point lighthouse, xke jaguar, barney's barn
Rob Weber’s XKE Jaguar, on the corner of Center Rd. and Old Mission Rd. | Jane Boursaw Photo, circa late 1970s



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