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I took my new snowshoes out for a test run today down to East Bay. First, the snowshoes are perfect (my “boss” – that would be me – got them for me for Christmas). They’re Tubbs Wilderness, and while I checked around online, I actually got these right here in Traverse City at MC Sports, out by the Grand Traverse Mall. Plus, they were 15% off right before Christmas. Yay, me.

I love snowshoes (you’ll recall my first excursions with my friend Linda’s snowshoes last year), because you can basically go anywhere (the Wilderness are great for trail or off-trail), and it’s easy to lug my camera along in my little cross-shoulder camera bag.

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And, thanks to a discussion on Facebook, I’m pretty sure they’re tax-deductible (thank you, Bonnie), since I take photos and write about my excursions. High-fives all around.

Anyway, today’s snowshoe adventure took me down the drive to get the mail, and while I was there, I wandered down to East Bay to check out the shoreline. As always, beautiful. There’s just a smattering of ice along the shoreline, so we’ll see if the bay gets frozen solid this year. That usually happens in February and March.

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