Photo of the Day: Jan. 18, 2017 – Evergreen Trees and Thoughts on Landscaping

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We planted these massive evergreen trees when we first bought this property from Ed and Jo Brown way back in the last century. I like to think we’ve been good stewards of the land, continuing the tradition of Ed and Jo, and those who cared for it before them.

We’re not “House & Garden” people. We don’t pay people to take care of our land (not that we could afford it). Our lawns are not finely manicured, and our gardens are not meticulously planned out (You no doubt already know this if you read my Jane’s World stories).

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We grow food because it helps keep our food budget within means. And my little flower garden is done purely out of joy and because it’s in my farmer’s-daughter DNA.

But even if we did have lots of cash to throw at lawn care people, we still wouldn’t do it. After all, we have a little log cabin in the woods, and we prefer to blend into the woods rather than try and mold it to fit us. In case anyone was wondering.


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