Photo of the Day: Jan. 22, 2017 – Forest Avenue & the Native American Caveat

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In the heart of Old Mission Village is Forest Avenue, a dirt road that winds back into the woods and ends at what old-timers know as the “Crow’s Nest,” a bluff overlooking East Bay. If you drive past Haserot Beach and continue around the corner, you’ll see Forest Avenue on the right.

You might also hear it called Old Mission Resort, as Forest Avenue is home to many old homes and summer cottages. When we were kids, we used to sneak back there and play tennis on the tennis courts when no one was around. My sister Carol babysat for kids there, so we figured that gave us an in. That’s what we told ourselves anyway.

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On the beach side of the cottages is an old sidewalk, and there’s an interesting tidbit attached to that sidewalk.

When my Dad, Walter Johnson, was researching that area for historical purposes, he came across a caveat in the paperwork noting that if you have any speck of Native American heritage in your family tree, you’re allowed to walk there. Otherwise, only the residents along Forest Avenue can use the sidewalk.

As it turns out, my husband has Native American ancestors, so the way I see it, I can only walk that sidewalk if I’m with him. At least, I’m hoping spouses get a pass.

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