Photo of the Day: Feb. 1, 2017 – Neahtawanta Eagle

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On my way to yoga class at The Neahtawanta Center, I spotted one of the neighborhood eagles perched on his favorite tree near the intersection of Neahtawanta Road and Kroupa Road. I’m sure it’s a great spot to look for dinner out in West Bay. If you drive down that way, chances are very good you’ll see an eagle or two in that area.

Earlier in the day, one of our local eagles here on the east side of Old Mission Peninsula perched on a tree south of the house, but was too far away to get a decent photo. Will work towards acquiring that much-coveted super-duper telephoto lens at some point.


  1. Great photo of one of “our” Neahtawanta eagles! We are so fortunate to have them in the neighborhood, often chirping and calling from the white pines across the road from the Inn. Such magnificent birds.


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