Photo of the Day: Feb. 15, 2017 – Deer on the Bull Brothers Farm

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Usually when I post photos of deer, they’re in my driveway and I take the photo out of my kitchen window. But we happened upon this herd of deer at the corner of Swaney Road and Peninsula Drive.

So if you drive to the very north end of Peninsula Drive, you’ll be facing the field where we saw these deer. Old-timers know this as the Bull Brothers farm. I don’t think I knew them personally, but my husband Tim recalls knowing Rodney Bull and thinks they may have had another farming operation somewhere downstate.

If you know, tell us in the comments below.

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  1. The Bull brothers were not local but were a farming family from, I think, Newaygo area. They bought up a bunch of properties on the peninsula, but they became financially overextended and had to sell off the pieces at public auction in about 1979. Len and I attended that auction in Grand Rapids with our year-old baby Becca. We bought a 30 acre piece in my parents’ name, Seth and Rebecca Tompkins, that was adjacent to the farm that Len and Eddie Ligon farm today.


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