Photo of the Day: Feb. 2, 2017 – Lighthouse Park Trails

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Remember that photo of the evergreens I posted the other day? And how I said that getting out in the woods is a good way to stave off the winter blues during these non-sunny days? Well, Lighthouse Park is a great way to do that AND see some awesome evergreens. Here’s a photo from when my daughter and I were out there a couple days ago.

We’ve had a few more inches of snow since then, so you might want to take along some snowshoes or cross-country skis to hit the trails. Lighthouse Park, located at Mission Point Lighthouse at the end of M37 (aka Center Road), has a variety of trails, both along the shore and back into the woods. Click here for a map of the trails at Lighthouse Park.

This photo is of the trail that heads south from Mission Point Lighthouse, along the shore of West Bay. Oh, and if you reach the first turn-in (the little spots where cars can drive in), be careful because I found out the hard way it’s super icy. No bones or cameras were broken.

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