Photo of the Day: Mary’s Kitchen Port Crew


Thank goodness Mary’s Kitchen Port is open again! At the end of every winter, they always close down for several weeks to make changes to the store, re-group and, hopefully, take some much-needed down-time before the busy summer season starts.

And so, every year, I wait impatiently for the store to open again, because they’re a regular stop of mine to pick up a sandwich, soup or pasta salad when I’m in Traverse City running errands. I’m a big fan of their signature sandwich “The Gobbler” (a fantastic turkey sandwich), but also love their Rotini, Rustic Italian Pasta, Greek Salad, Baba Ghannoaj Veggie sandwich (roasted eggplant) and, well, everything in their food-to-go section.

Since I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds, I TRY to pass by all the yummy cookies and baked goods at the counter, but it’s sooooo hard some days. Anyone remember the owner, Mary Boudjalis-King, talking about their famous “Honey Bear Brownies” on the radio way back when? She used to do a little radio spot around lunchtime and reveal what their specials were that day. Now the shop is run by her kids, Mike Boudjalis and Kathy Baier, and you can still find out what’s on the menu at their website.

Mary’s Kitchen Port has been a favorite of mine from the days when I worked in an office in Traverse City to today, running Old Mission Gazette from my own office on the Old Mission Peninsula.

And they’re open again! Thanks for being our Photo of the Day, Mary’s Kitchen Port!

Mary’s Kitchen Port is located at 539 West Front Street in Traverse City. Email them at [email protected] or call (231) 941-0525.

Mary’s Kitchen Port | Jane Boursaw Photo


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