You know it’s spring on the Old Mission Peninsula when the bees arrive. Not just any old bees either. Worker bees from Sleeping Bear Farms ready to spring into action in the orchards. And just in time, too, since those blossoms are ready to pop any day now.

Above is a photo of the bee hives moved to a cherry orchard. Here’s a photo of the newly-arrived bees on my family’s cooling pad just north of Mapleton. (Note: I took both photos from a distance through the window of my Jeep, because those bees were quite active!)

Sleeping Bear Farms Bees | Jane Boursaw Photo

We’re about on schedule with when the bees arrived on the OMP last year. Click through this link to read more about that, along with my career as a beekeeper on the family farm.

Here’s a neat video from Sleeping Bear Farms about the bees.



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