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The 81 on East Bay
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You may have heard by now that the public hearing for “The 81 on East Bay” development, scheduled for this Thursday, April 6, at 7 p.m., has been cancelled. I am writing to confirm this and to thank you if you were planning on attending.

This is the third consecutive time that the developer for “The 81” has asked for and then cancelled a public hearing on this project. He must know something that we don’t, or is afraid of what the Township Board is going to require of him regarding soil studies, one of the issues that the judge agreed with us on that was performed improperly.

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Could it be a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA)? This is something which we have requested from the beginning and now becomes critical, as it is discovered that toxic chemicals could be on this site. If present, the mass grading and deforestation (50 percent removed) could spread these chemicals to the neighbors and the bay. It also would threaten the adults – and especially their children – who may build on this property.

These dangers are real if these toxins are present, but we don’t know and apparently the developer doesn’t want to know, as he has avoided (three times ) what the Township Board may request him to do, namely get a BEA. Stay tuned. This game of cat and mouse is surely to be continued.


  1. And just imagine tha the former township planner stated to us in 2015 that environmental issues were not a concern as ” the land had not been farmed for years.” Since I know better as a nurse we politely excused ourselves from that idiot’s presence


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