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Haserot Beach Seagull | Jane Boursaw Photo
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A public meeting took place at Haserot Beach on May 24, in which residents reviewed the beach and outlined items of interest. Don Atkinson and Anne Griffiths, chair of the Peninsula Township Park Commission, compiled a list of items which need to be addressed for the safety, peace and integrity of Haserot Beach.

Items marked with an asterisk indicate immediate implementation if approved at the July Park Commission Meeting. The regular meeting of the Park Commission will take place on July 5, 7 p.m. at the Peninsula Township Hall.

  • Swim/safety buoys to separate boat traffic from launch and swim area.*
  • Fencing along roadway (beach side) to inhibit parking and limit random crossings; a split rail fence is suggested, with one or two breaks accompanied by painted crosswalks.*
  • Signage warning of road crossings and pedestrians to be placed at junction of Traverse Street and Swaney Road, and Swaney Road and The Pines.*
  • One one-lane boat launch to be made safe and secure in present location, with no other boat launches installed. Soft kayak launch to be placed at the moorings.
  • Three to four maple trees to be planted as recommended by locals.*
  • Improve water access: fountain or irrigation are possibilities.
  • Better organization regarding clean-up; possibly hire help.
  • Deal with overuse/parking problems by one or more – parking fees, launch fees, better enforcement, extend parking across the street behind the American Legion Hall.

If you have questions or comments, email Anne Griffiths, [email protected], call her at (231) 313-8217, or write a letter to Peninsula Township, 13235 Center Rd., Traverse City, MI 49686.

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