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Haserot Beach | Jane Boursaw Photo
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The Michigan DNR has scheduled an information gathering session on August 2, 2017, 7 p.m. at the Township Hall to discuss future water access opportunities at Haserot Beach and Kelley Park.

While the Township is still in early discussions about the meeting, the DNR provided the following comments to the Township.

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KELLEY PARK (Old Mooring/Former Nevinger Property Across from Old Mission Inn)

In consideration of the nearby Boating Access Site (BAS) for trailerable vessels, the DNR would look at this time to develop a carry-down BAS at Old Mooring (Kelley Park). This may include an extension of the entrance drive off the existing drive, launching area, and parking for approximately 10 to 15 vehicles (possibly including trailerable spaces). This would be primarily for carry-down vessels such as canoes, kayaks, row boats, etc.

As part of the development process, the DNR will hold a public input session prior to construction, in order to take public comment on the design.

The DNR anticipates that this development will be done through the DNR, but post-construction, would be open to having the Township take on maintenance and operation responsibilities through a lease agreement format.

Next Steps: The DNR will work on gathering background information and moving forward with design this summer.


With the advantage of deeper water (compared to Kelley Park) and the fact that the site is already developed, a continuation of this form of boat access, as well as an expansion of the site, would be advantageous.

Redesign of the current layout to ensure it meets adequate dimensions, as well as consideration of the fact that Peninsula Township owns land across the road for overflow, this would prove to be a great asset for public recreational boating access onto East Bay.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below. 

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  1. It just seems like parking will always be an issue at haserot…. and that launch is pretty bad too (narrow and not perpendicular to shore) but could be fixed pretty easily

  2. Kelley Park should never have been considered for a motorized boat launch
    . The water level is too shallow and dredging would have been extensive …. and environmentally damaging. I believe a launch for carry down vehicles is the way to go. I am still wondering who will incur the costs of upkeep. Parking off the road at Haserot Beach must be enforced to insure everyone’s safety.

    • I agree with you when you stated that parking on the road by the beach should be eliminated and enforced which would solve the problems of overcrowding.

  3. Major issue I see is there are not enough public swim beaches on the Peninsula and the beach is being commercially promoted by those that wish to attract tourism in the area. More needs to be done to protect the surrounding community so that they can have quiet and peaceful use of their homes. It is unfair to concentrate so many people in such a small neighborhood.

  4. Having a ramp with just one working side for both launching and retrieval of boats is not practical as it is now at Haserot. You cannot do both at the same time with just a one sided ramp. A new ramp that allows for both the launching and retrieval of boats at the same time is needed (at least a two sided working ramp). Additionally, cars park where boats and trailers are supposed to with no enforcement of the signs that say this. Over the years I have seen many problems at this ramp as it is right now, especially on busy days. Also, many park on the side of the road where signs say not too with lots of pedestrian traffic crossing the road causing a safety issue.

    • Yesterday, I launched my boat at Haserot and there were 8 vehicles without trailers parked in spots for vehicles with trailers. Only one spot open for me to park my trailer after launching my boat.

  5. It is a shame, almost crininal, to arbitrarily discontinue the maintenance and reinstallation of the iconic boat launch at Haserot Beach!
    It is the ONLY access to E. Bay at the north end! This means fishing, touring, and property owners dock maintenance for those north of the Center Rd. DNR launch, (10 miles away.)
    That means boat launching has virtually ceased (for elderly and handicapped for sure.).
    Sure, you can launch a row boat in the rocks, risk serious injury.

    • Thanks for the note, Carl. I know the Township was working with the DNR to install a new boat launch at Kelley Park, just around the corner from Haserot Beach. I think it got derailed during the Covid years, so I’ll follow up with the Township and report back.


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