Photo of the Day: Alvarado Salvador, Axel Ostlund, and a 1924 Model T

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Today’s Photo of the Day is a great example of what happens just about every time we drive around the Old Mission Peninsula. We come upon a really cool photo with an even cooler story attached.

While driving by the Old Mission General Store the other day, we stopped to admire a 1924 Model T. Turns out the classic car is owned by Alvarado Salvador, who bought it at the old Ostlund house across from the store 71 years ago (he pointed at the house as he was telling us the story – “I bought it right there”). Given the year – 1946 – I’m guessing the car’s former owner might have been Axel Ostlund.

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Alvarado, who paid $19.86 for the car in 1946, jokingly said that while most cars depreciate in value, he thinks he could probably get at least $20 for it now, making this car a great investment.

Alvarado lives elsewhere now, but said he drives the car to the Old Mission General Store every year, and store owner Jim Richards said he looks forward to it. I believe I also heard something about Alvarado looking forward to getting some smoked fish from the store every year, as well.

Pictured is Alvarado Salvador on the right, Jim Richards in the middle, and one of Jim’s employees on the left.



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