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While driving down Ladd Road the other day (ok, really we were stealing cherries from Rocko Fouch’s orchard because it’s a tradition), Tim and I happened to see Kevin and Sharron Gay in their orchard across the way. So I wandered over and took a few pictures of their adorable chickens and sweet pup Flint, a.k.a. Flintrock on Kevin’s Facebook page.

Kevin and Sharron own the cherry orchard on the corner of Smokey Hollow Road and Ladd Road, which they call Little Ladd Farm. It’s a joy to see the Ladd name carried on, and I’ll write more about the Ladd sisters in an upcoming post. Lew and Ginny Coulter live in the Ladd house on the corner of Ladd Road and Center Road, where Ginny owns Old Mission Flowers.

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I also consider it one of my life’s greatest achievements to have acquired several boxes of Ladd Sisters recipes from their auction at Gleason & Co. years ago. I’ll post some of those at some point, as well.

Thanks to Flint for being our Photo of the Day!

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