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There’s a new split-rail fence at Haserot Beach. A focus group has been working to address some of the problems at Haserot, and you can read more about that here.

One of their goals was to install fencing along the roadway on the beach side, to inhibit parking and limit random crossings. A split rail fence was suggested, with one or two breaks accompanied by painted crosswalks. Mission accomplished.

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I see where they’re coming from, but here’s my problem with this. The fencing DOES have “No Parking” signs along it, so people know they’re not supposed to park there. But, in my mind, this means people will be parking on the other side of the road on that blind curve, and attempting to cross with their kids there, with cars zooming around the corner. Wouldn’t it actually be safer to park on the beach side along the fence?

As far as the openings in the fence, I don’t know that that’s going to stop people from parking across the road, walking ACROSS the road, and just walking a few steps one way or the other to get to an opening in the fence.



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  1. There is also a beautiful parking lot beside the legion hall that very few use. We live close to Hazerot and it’s hard to believe some things viewed as we approach the area. Have been here for years. What a change. We will always appreciate and understand how others could love being in this beautiful area and welcome to the beach —- but, PLEASE respect and be kind. ch

    • You’re right! We have often talked about that. The folks would still have to walk across the road, but there is careful and careful again. You know, if I recall right they did have a sign right at the parking area. It disappeared. Carlene

  2. Per the fence at Haserot Beach, I am willing to try anything to stop the parking problems, so I will hope that the fence will help. But we who have houses across the road are still not happy with being parked in on busy days.. And I agree about the safety issue of people crossing the road.

  3. The easiest solution for the parking situation is to have the township board convince the road commission to eliminate all parking along the roads and implement strict enforcement. That would solve nearly all the issues involving Haserot beach.
    Develope alternative public swimming areas along east and west bay. There is a lot of shoreline that could be enjoyed.


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