This week while kayaking in Grand Traverse Bay, Nikki Rudd was rescued by the Peninsula Fire Department and Peninsula Township Deputy. Rudd, a newscaster from News 10 NBC in New York, said she was kayaking with her cousin when her kayak overturned and began taking on water.

“The water was very calm when we ventured out. But it can all change in an instant,” wrote Rudd on her Facebook page. “First responders only saw my cousin when they first got there and thought they’d be searching the water for a body. Very thankful for my life jacket and cell phone which allowed them to ping our location and find us!!”

Picture above is (back row, left to right) Peninsula Township Deputy Jason Hamilton, EMT/Firefighter Nick Haines and EMT/Firefighter Kyle Sarber, with Nikki Rudd (front row, left) and her cousin.

(Editor’s Note: I don’t have confirmation, but I believe Nikki is connected to the Rudd family on Bluff Road. Nikki, if you read this, tell us in the comments section below! Also, thank you to Peninsula Township Office Manager Sue Piehl for sending out the news of the rescue.)



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