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On the agenda for tonight’s Peninsula Township Board meeting are two public hearings, including:

Proposed Land Division Ordinance No. 49 – Amendment No. 1

The purpose is to amend the existing ordinance to codify policy changes recently adopted by the Board. For waterfront lots, the Planning Department has clarified that the boundary line along the water is to the Ordinary High Water Mark.

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As requested by the Township Board, there will now be a four-member review committee, consisting of the Assessor, Zoning Administrator, Planner and legal counsel. The Ordinary High Water Mark clarification will help the Township align with a recent court decision.

Other than the above, the Land Division Ordinance remains unchanged. Also, there will be an upcoming proposed amendment to the Township Fee Schedule to cover the rising time and expense recently experienced with land division requests.

Proposed Junk and Blight Ordinance No. 53 – Repeal and Replace Ordinance No. 41

The proposed Junk and Blight Ordinance would repeal and replace the current junk and blight ordinance. The intent of the replacement ordinance is to more clearly define what is considered junk and blight.

While Peninsula Township currently has a junk ordinance, it is antiquated and does not clearly address issues that the Zoning Administrator and Code Enforcement Officer are currently facing. Peninsula Township Zoning Administrator Christina Deeren will be present at the hearing to explain these current issues.

Both of the above proposals have been forwarded to the Township’s legal counsel for review.

The Township Board meeting will take place tonight, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m. at the Peninsula Township Hall, 13235 Center Road, on the Old Mission Peninsula. As always, there will be time for citizen comments.


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