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Zebell-Jankowski Christmas Tree on the OMP | Jane Boursaw Photo
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We made it! Well, just a couple more days, and then we can say we made it, we survived another year on this Big Blue Planet we all call home. And if we’re lucky, we spent most of the year right here on the Old Mission Peninsula.

I know for many of you, like Tim and me, just surviving this year was a major accomplishment worthy of an epic fireworks display at Haserot Beach (are you available, Tony Andrus?).

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For the time being, however, I’ll amuse you with “The 12 Days of Christmas,” Old Mission Gazette style. Here’s the last verse of that classic Christmas song, with all 12 OMP gifts of 2017. Click through the links to learn more about that particular gift.

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Twelve floats a-floating (on Bay Street, 4th of July)
Eleven speeders speeding (including Jane),
Ten (zillion) bees a-swarming,
Nine bucks in savings (not all OMPers are rich),
Eight (hundred) books a-selling (at the annual PCL book sale),
Seven Lighthouse Keepers (including these two),
Six (billion) cherries cooling,
Five eagles eagliiiinnnnggggg
Four OMPS Cheerleaders, (Sherie Boursaw, Vickie Hibbard, Letty Grishaw and Beth Rasmussen)
Three Meth-o-dists (Cal Jamieson, Jack Lardie and Diana Brady),
Two OMP retirees (Mr. Randy and Lorey Kroupa),
And a brand neeewwww OMP store

And here’s our special gift for 2017 – three emergency aneurysm surgeries at U of M Hospital that Tim survived because the whole Peninsula was praying for us! We end the year in gratitude and love.

Happy New Year, OMPers!

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