Photo of the Day: Sunny Bluff Road, Snownado & Water Spout

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It’s always a major mood-lifter when the sun comes out in northern Michigan during the winter months. It has seemed very gray here since about November, maybe even into October.

But the sun is out today (well, it WAS out a few minutes ago), and after yesterday’s massive snowfall – which dumped a couple of feet of snow on us and also created a snownado over in Leelanau – it’s nice to see a bit of blue sky and sunshine today.

Today’s Photo of the Day is out the window of our second floor. That’s Bluff Road down below, with frigid East Bay and Elk Rapids across the bay in the distance.

And here’s a picture of the aforementioned snownado that Joe Charlevoix, meteorologist at WPBN/WTOM-TV 7&4, posted on his Facebook page yesterday. Be sure and follow him for all the best local weather and breaking storm news.

UPDATE: As Anna Miller noted in the comments below, this photo of the snownado was taken by James Lawson of Peshawbestown on Dec. 30, 2017. Thank you for the note, Anna. 

Below that is a photo of a water spout over East Bay in December of 1963. That’s 3-year-old me in front of our house in Old Mission. The photo was taken by our neighbors, Annette Evans and Lillian Wallace. More on that here.

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Leelanau “Snownado” | Meteorologist Joe Charlevoix, Facebook
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Jane Boursaw and Water Spout, December 1963 | Photo by Neighbors Annette Evans and Lillian Wallace

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    • Thanks so much, Anna. I’ve added a note into the story. And please let me know if we have permission from James to use the photo and if we can help promote his business, photography or otherwise. If not, I will remove it, no problem.


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