Photo of the Day: Ogdensburg Cemetery

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Some people might find cemeteries a little creepy, but there’s something comforting about them to me. Especially Ogdensburg Cemetery, because so many of the people I’ve known all my life and helped to shape me are there, including my dad, Walter Johnson, and my grandma, Stella Johnson.

And so many people who’ve been mentors to me throughout my life, whether they knew it or not. People with well-known Old Mission Peninsula names like Dohm, Gore, Hooper, Jamieson, Brown and so many more.

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Ogdensburg Cemetery is located on Center Road (M37) just north of Old Mission Peninsula United Methodist Church (my lifelong church where I still play my violin every Sunday). The church was named Ogdensburg United Methodist Church until a name change took place several years ago. The church’s address is 16426 Center Road, so if you pull into the parking lot, you can walk into the cemetery from there.

I also think it’s just a very pretty cemetery, with a two-track dirt road that winds through it and gorgeous views on every side, especially to the west where you can see West Bay off in the distance. I took this photo after church yesterday. You can see that winter really hasn’t happened on the OMP quite yet, and in fact, this morning it was raining cats and dogs.


  1. And … it runs right along Ladd road, named for the folks on the corner across Ladd road by the cemetery. History – Ladd road used to be named “Cemetery Road”.
    Our old farm runs along most of the rest of Ladd road on the North side.

    • Yes! Thanks for the addition, Dave. And for folks who don’t know, Lew and Ginny (Dohm) Coulter live in the Ladd house now. Ginny runs the wonderful Old Mission Flowers. Years ago, I managed to secure a treasured box of recipes from the Ladd Sisters’ estate sale. Some of which will be posted on the Gazette at some point.

  2. Thanks for this Jane, I grew up across the road from a cemetery, Cornell in Buckley, and I love going there to visit my grandparents and parents, so many friends and relatives, definitely a peaceful place of remembrance,


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