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Old Mission Peninsula School | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Those of you who went to Old Mission Peninsula School, or had kids or grandkids who went there, remember how fun the school carnival used to be?

We had great carnivals when I was a kid going to school there in the 1960s (Mr. Lindsay, our janitor, was always there looking after things with his giant ring of keys), and also great carnivals when my own kids went there in the 1990s and early 2000s. And they didn’t change much over the years – there was always the “cake walk” (my favorite) and fun games in the gym. Just a really fun time.

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There hasn’t been a carnival for a few years, but guess what?! There’s one tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 23, 5:30 – 8 p.m. The community is welcome to attend, too. Stop by, play a few games, do the cake walk, and even have dinner there.

Dinner includes a hot dog, bag of chips, drink and a cookie for $4, or each food item will be $1 per ticket. Game tickets are 50 cents, pre-sold in groups of ten, and I’m guessing they’ll be available in the lobby area by the door.

I wish I could lay my hands on some Johnson or Boursaw family archive photos of the OMPS carnival back in the day. I’ll do a quick archeological dig and see if I come up with anything.

Old Mission Peninsula School is located at 2735 Island View Road on the Old Mission Peninsula.



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