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Peninsula Township Hall | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Several public hearings are coming up at Peninsula Township, involving the Junk Ordinance, Peninsula Community Library, Escrow fees, violations and flood plains and wetlands. Read on for more info.

Monday, March 19, 7 p.m. – Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Amendment No. 196, an amendment to revise Section 4.3 of the Peninsula Township Zoning Ordinance to provide that the Director of Planning and Zoning Administrator will estimate additional fees to be held in escrow. Click here for more information.

Tuesday, March 27, 7 p.m. – Township Board

The Township Board will hold four public hearings at this meeting, including:

Junk Ordinance #58, which repeals Junk Ordinance#41. This ordinance defines the terms for abandoned vehicles, building materials, junk, trash, rubbish and more, and outlines the regulations and penalties for violations. Click here to view a DRAFT of the proposed ordinance.

Ordinance Amendment #194 – Section 4.2.1 Violations and Penalties. This amendment defines the compliance and penalties associated with township ordinance violations, including municipal civil infractions. Click here for more information.

Special Use Permit #128 – New Peninsula Community Library. The Special Use Permit for the new library, to be located on the corner of Center Road and Island View Road, was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission at their Feb. 26 meeting. This public hearing moves the process to the Town Board level. Click here for more information.

Amendment #195. This proposed amendment affects the following sections of the Zoning Ordinance: Section Flood Plain and Wetland Restrictions and Section 7.4.7 Flood Plain and Wetland Controls.

Click here to view the Peninsula Township Zoning Ordinance. For more info about any of these public hearings, contact the Peninsula Township offices, (231) 223-7322.

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