Photo of the Day: April Snow on the Old Mission Peninsula

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We’re in the midst of a major snow and ice storm, which, yes, our never-ending winter marches on, but it’s also really beautiful.

I managed to get out of the driveway to take my son, Will, to work at Peninsula Market (if you get a pizza from there, there’s a good chance he made it – and he makes the best), but I had to hoof it up our driveway when I got home. That Jeep was not coming back up, even with 4WD, thanks to mega-snow coupled with ice.

Yesterday, you could take your pick of the weather that occurred on the Old Mission Peninsula within an hour’s time. We had it all – rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, thunder and lightning. Whee!

But by nightfall, we’d settled into a major snowstorm that’s pretty much shut down most of northern Michigan for the time being, and it’s supposed to continue through tomorrow night.

Above is a photo of the apple tree at the top of our driveway. You can’t see it, but just beyond is a medium-sized tree limb that came down in the wind. Thankfully (so far), we haven’t had any big trees come down, and we still have power (for now).

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