OMP Blossom Alert! Things Are Happening Fast

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It’s blossom time on the Old Mission Peninsula, and as always, things are happening fast. Sweet cherries started to pop out a few days ago, and within the next day or two, they’ll likely be done. I shot the above photo this morning.

However, tart cherries should be in full blossom by this weekend, just in time for Blossom Day on Saturday (hosted by the Wineries of OMP – more info on Chateau Chantal’s website) and the Blessing of the Blossoms on Sunday (which you should definitely check out because it’s a beautiful 108-year-old tradition).

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So we’ll go with this approximate schedule for now (as we all know, weather can be very unpredictable):

  • Now through Thursday, May 17 – Sweet Cherry Blossoms
  • May 17 – May 20: Tart Cherry Blossoms
  • May 24 – May 27: Apple Blossoms (which I especially love because of their sweet aroma and pink hue)

I talked with my niece, Heatherlyn Johnson Reamer, who helps my brothers run the farm, this morning, and she confirmed those dates and also cautioned blossom-viewers to steer clear of the bee hives, which are placed throughout the orchards, full of bees who are super busy with their pollination duties.

Also, while it might be tempting to hack off a branch of beautiful blossoms and take it home, remember that those blossoms turn into cherries and apples, which are the farmers’ livelihood, so keep those clippers home! Of course, you’re welcome to take all the pictures you like.


  1. Thanks for reminding people that those fruit trees are source of livelihood for their owners. I am always amazed at the number of people who feel free to walk into my orchards and help themselves to bloom and fruit. I am sure that some of my neighbors view as old and cranky. I do appreciate those who stop and ask permission which I usually grant.


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