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Old Mission Flooding, May 2018 | Jane Boursaw Photo
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A meeting with Grand Traverse County Drain Commissioner Steve Largent will take place on Monday, June 11, at 7 p.m. at the American Legion Hall in Old Mission. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the recent spring flooding and drainage issues which caused evacuations and property damage for those affected by the floodwater in the area. Peninsula Township Supervisor Rob Manigold will be on hand to run the meeting.

In a letter to Old Mission residents dated June 5, 2018, Peninsula Township Director of Zoning Christina Deeren, notes, “Drainage structures that were designed and installed in 1988 to handle the floodwater have not been maintained since 1997. Trees, brush and other obstacles have impeded the flow of the storm water to the bay. Largent plans on addressing concerns and comments from residents in attendance, as well as report on what can be expected in current and future maintenance of this drainage district.”

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For more information, contact Steve Largent, (231) 409-9314, or email him at [email protected]. Read more about the recent flooding in Old MissionĀ here.

American Legion Post 399 is located at 4009 Swaney Road, near Haserot Beach in Old Mission.

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  1. Be carefull of allowing a drainage district as this us a no holds constrant on costs to residents. Go for routine maintanence first which should fix the problem. Regards, Curt Peterson


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