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Haserot Beach | Jane Boursaw Photo
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Over the past week, I’ve had many people ask if I know anything about an upcoming party at Haserot Beach planned by Old Mission Living Magazine. I did not, but upon further investigation, I discovered that there was quite a bit planned for this gathering, including food catered by Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, alcohol provided by Shorts Brewery, and boat rides provided by Walstrom Marine.

(Note that Old Mission Gazette, the online newspaper you’re reading, is not associated with or affiliated in any way with Old Mission Living Magazine, a print magazine run by Hannah Bouwmeester, who lives in Rapid City. Old Mission Living is a franchise of parent company, N2 Publishing, which is based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Edited to reflect Kathy’s comment at the bottom of this story.)

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The Old Mission Peninsula residents who contacted me expressed concern about additional traffic, congestion, safety and alcohol consumption at Haserot Beach, a Peninsula Township Park that is already congested during the summer months, thanks to its inclusion in many “best of” lists.

I checked with the Township, and they were not aware of the gathering and had not received any permit application, as required by the Peninsula Township Park Ordinance. If a permit had been applied for, it likely would have been denied due to “the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the community and the members of the public utilizing such facility,” as noted in the Ordinance.

As such, Township officials contacted Old Mission Living Magazine and put a speedy halt to the Haserot Beach party.

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  1. I’m sorry, but I do not think that a party should have been shut down. We live in a tourist town. I didn’t know about it and had no plans to go. But it is SUMMER!

    • I hear you, but think of the liability with a commercial entity organizing that type of party at a Township park. Booze plus boat rides is a giant red flag right there. Our township ordinance is set up for just this purpose – to protect the safety of Township residents. Maybe if the organizers had gone through proper channels, applied for a permit and abided by the Township’s regulations, it might have been a go.

  2. We do need to have some control over our area. We have enough activities already with the several runs, kayak events, wine tasting, fireworks around holidays, etc. The last two times I hiked at the Lighthouse Park, there was trash, empty beer cans, broken glass, evidence of fires at the end of the dirt road off Center Rd. That road should be closed to prevent too much partying. Sorry for the rant but thanks for listening ?

  3. Jane, Thank you for following up on the queries, and thank you, Peninsula Township, for your timely response! One has to question motivation for this North Carolina’s business interest in a beach party far from their shores…

  4. Thanks, Jane, for yet another example of how a free press can work together to investigate, inform the public and solve community problems. And I’ll bet it was done respectfully and both sides.

  5. Jane, you really should do your research! Old Mission Living is NOT based out of state! It is in fact owned and run by Hannah Bouwmeester, who lives in Rapid City, MI. There had always been a summer party for the residents at no cost to them. I don’t know do you are, or what you think you’re doing here but you really need to get all the facts before writing about someone’s business. You should be ashamed of yourself and do NOT call yourself a journalist, we’ll wait they usually write about things they nothing about and spread lies. You need to apologize Hannah and her staff that worked so hard to put this event together. Shame on you. Jane

    • Actually, Jane is a wonder who grew up here.
      People on Old Mission Peninsula are very protective of it. Terrible memories of the out of control Torch Lake Sandbar Party still abound.
      You can castigate Jane, but how responsible was Hannah in arranging all this and not contacting the Township? Anyone would know a large endeavor like this would need a permit. I’m surprised the Companies involved didn’t inquire about permits.
      Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the invitation. It didn’t seem like a big enough venue for the number of people it could draw.
      Anyone who knows the area knows it’s a wonderful family area with limited parking when expecting a multitude of people. Families are all over the area as are fishermen putting their boats in. It isn’t unusual to meet someone driving a golf cart, someone walking a dog and a family with kids in tow including a wagon while you drive extremely slowly there all at the same time.
      I’m sure Hannah has great dreams and meant to be responsible, but if she knows OMP, she had to know there would be questions. Questioning. Is in OMP’s genetics.
      According to Page 3 in the April Old Mission Living edition, Hannah, whom I’m sure is a lovely person is the Area Director. It pretty clearly states it’s part of Neighbor Networks Publishing,Inc. If Ms. Bouwmeester is the owner, it should state that.
      I do enjoy both Jane’s Old Mission Gazette and Old Mission Living. You do need to realize that many, many people know Jane and her husband. They contacted her about the advertised Party because they trust her implicitly. She is widely admired.
      I do wonder how the cancellation will get out to the Public.
      Let’s just chalk this one up to a learning experience.

  6. Thanks Jane for your diligent eye and objective reporting. That party was for the sole purpose of promoting a few private, for-profit businesses — none of which is based in or provides any financial benefit to Peninsula Township. Such use of public property is prohibited here and just about everywhere.


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