Photo of the Day: Storm Brewing on Bluff Road

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I shot this photo on Bluff Road on my way home from seeing Mom at Orchard Creek on Sunday. It’s the day we had that odd clap of thunder even though the sky was beautifully blue.

Shortly thereafter, I checked the weather app on my phone, and it was clear as a bell everywhere except for a giant red blotch over the Old Mission Peninsula. Also saw that friends were posting photos of hail on Facebook.

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Fortunately, most of the cherry crop is off the trees at this point, and I haven’t heard that there was serious damage to cherries still on the trees.

Bluff Road is always picturesque no matter the season or weather, but I love the light and clouds in today’s Photo of the Day. You can see a couple bikers rounding the corner – hope they didn’t get too drenched.

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