Photo of the Day: Hawk(?) on Devil’s Dive Road


Tim and I stopped by the dump today (yes, we know it’s now the “Recycling Station,” but it will forever be known as “the dump” to us). We heard a bird call overhead and looked up to see a large bird soaring right above us.

At first, we thought it was one of our OMP Bald Eagles, because it sounded a bit like the bird in the opening credits of “Northern Exposure,” and clear as a bell. That’s always our benchmark. Does it sound like the “Northern Exposure” bird? Oh, it must be an eagle.

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But it didn’t sound exactly like the “Northern Exposure” bird; it sounded less aggressive than that. So after I came home and checked out my photo, I googled around and think it’s probably a Red-tailed hawk. Or maybe a Cooper’s Hawk? The OMPers ID’d this one as likely a Cooper’s Hawk.

Tell us in the comments below if you know what this bird is.

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