Photo of the Day: Manger Scene at First Congregational Church

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In case you missed it, check out the manger scene at First Congregational Church the next time you drive by. It’s a lovely scene with life-size people and animals, including a camel.

I went over to pet the camel and check out the construction – because I’m curious that way – and it appears to have a covering not unlike a really soft carpet.

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I did not pet the cow, sheep, donkey, three kings or other humans (too enthralled by the camel), so I’ll leave that to you guys to figure out what they’re made of.

A big thank you to the folks at First Congregational Church for making our holidays on the Old Mission Peninsula that much brighter.

First Congregational Church is located at 6105 Center Road, just on the left as you head out Center Road from “The Forks” (intersection with Peninsula Drive).

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