Photo of the Day: Bluff Road Walk


Today’s Photo of the Day is from my walk down Bluff Road. I’m doing the TC Trimdown, so I’m highly motivated to shed some poundage and get back on track with healthy food and exercise. So far, so good. Walked for about a hour today – down to McMaster’s house and back.

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Plus I got to chat with Grace Rudd on the way, and while I was there, Connie Sargent stopped by to drop something off at Grace’s. I love it when all the stars align like that.

It’s been warm today – in the 40s (it’s still 43 at 6 p.m. as I write this). And sunny. We’re now into that “what is that big shiny thing in the sky” season. Nice to see some sun.

East Bay was super calm today, too, as you can see from the photo – shot from Bluff Road looking down at the beach.

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