Photo of the Day: Lighthouse Park Trail

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Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of this gorgeous Lighthouse Park trail, where my daughter and I took a little hike yesterday. If my calculations are correct, most of hunting season is over as of January 1st, so the trails are safe to hike again (nothing against hunters – some of my best friends are hunters).

It’s just astounding to me that we have this amazing natural resource right here on the Old Mission Peninsula, which anyone can take advantage of at any time (well, except for hunting season, just to be safe).

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Not only that, but the trails at the lighthouse are geared for hikers of all abilities. There are super short trails, medium trails, long trails, trails with hills, you name it and there’s a trail for it out there.

There’s even a trail that goes along the shore-side on West Bay. I don’t have an exact length for that little stretch, but I’m going to say it’s probably a half-mile or so.

I recently tried to hike the beach back to the lighthouse, but at the moment, there are some sections where you’d have to wade into the water to get around the trees. And it’s January.

If you haven’t checked out the lighthouse trails, make a point to get out there at some point. It’s so peaceful in the snowy woods, and it never fails to clear my head of all the clutter. At this juncture, there’s still not a lot of snow on the trail, so you could hike, ski or snowshoe.

The trails are also very well marked, so while you’ll definitely want to have your phone with you, it would take some doing to get yourself lost out there.

Check out a map of the Lighthouse Park trail system here.

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