Photo of the Day: Arctic Mission Point Lighthouse Beach


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After church yesterday, I stopped out at Mission Point Lighthouse to take a few pics, and holy smokes was it cold.

I trekked out to the beach and stayed for about five minutes – just long enough to grab a few shots of that frigid beach – before heading back to the parking lot. I was bundled up pretty well with several layers and still felt the arctic blast searing through me.

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There were a few other brave souls wandering about, including one woman with no hat. I was about to give her mine and shift to my hood, but she and her husband were on their way back to their car.

Still, I love that cold blast of wind and those ocean-like waves, and it really makes you realize how important lighthouses were back in the day when they were the only means of guiding ships to save harbor during storms.

Check out more about Mission Point Lighthouse and their Lighthouse Keepers program here.

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