Photo of the Day: Snowy Driveway


Happy New Year! Winter appears to have arrived on the Old Mission Peninsula, and I couldn’t be happier. I loved seeing all the photos today on Facebook of people out snowshoeing, hiking, and breathing in that cold, fresh air. I love winter.

While I did get my snowshoes out of the basement, I didn’t don them today. Instead, I just took a walk down the driveway and checked out the beach. There’s honestly more beach there today than we had all of last year. And we – meaning me, since I spend the most time down there – didn’t get around to stacking our plastic chairs up on the path, so they’re sticking out of the sand like forlorn creatures in an apocalyptic video game.

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Today’s Photo of the Day┬áis of my snowy driveway as I walked down to check out the beach. The snow is amazing.

Below are the forlorn chair-creatures. Of course, now they won’t budge, so I guess they’re stuck there until Spring. The thing in the lower right is part of a kids’ plastic slide we used to haul into the water and let the kids play on. Those kids are now 24 and 21, so, yeah.

During a storm last summer, it ended up a couple feet off-shore, and we managed to drag it back onto the beach. This coming summer, that thing is getting hauled to the top of the path and to the recycling station. One way or another.

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Forlorn Chair-Creatures on East Bay | Jane Boursaw Photo

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