Photo of the Day: Ice-Skaters at Haserot Beach


While tooling around the neighborhood yesterday, we spotted these ice-skaters gliding on the ice just off Haserot Beach. So fun to see people out on the ice around Old Mission Peninsula – skating, skiing, wandering about and ice-fishing (stay tuned to tomorrow’s Photo of the Day).

I grew up about a half-mile south of Haserot Beach as the crow flies, about where that point is beyond the skaters.

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One of our great winter activities when we were kids was to skate down there and hang out with all the other skaters. My older siblings – Dean, Carol and Ward Johnson – were all better skaters than me, but I managed to tag along all the same.

There were a LOT of kids in the neighborhood at the time – this would have been in the 1960s and 70s – so if there was ice on the bay, you could count on there being quite a few skaters at Haserot.

I’m not sure who these skaters are in the photo, so if that’s you, tell us in the comments below!

Be sure and check out George Boursaw’s story about skating on the Old Mission Peninsula back in the 1940s and 50s – read it here.

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  1. […] We did a little ice-fishing off the shore of our beach in Old Mission when I was a kid, but it basically consisted of a little device stuck in a tiny hole in the ice that popped up when there was a fish attached to the other end of it. I’m sure all you ice-fisherpeople are chuckling at my lack of knowledge about everything involved with ice-fishing. I was always more interested in skating. […]


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