Photo of the Day: Snowy Owl on the Carroll House


Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of this lovely Snowy Owl on the Carroll House across the road from Chateau Grand Traverse on Winery Hill. For longtime OMPers, that’s Bernie and Bev Carroll’s house on the east side of Center Road.

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You can usually see this little owl, who I think is female owing to her mottled brown color, perched somewhere around the area, often on the top of the roof of the house or garage, or sometimes on one of the electric poles along the lookout there. Another look…

According to this map from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, we’re on the southern end of where Snowy Owls generally winter. But they can “flush south throughout the lower 48 states, as far as south as Texas and Florida in extreme years.”

Here’s a photo of an owl on that same roof about this time last year. Same owl? Maybe!

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  1. Jane, your photos of snowy owls are some of the most heartwarming photos of snowy owls that I have ever seen.

    And another few “wows.”


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