Photo of the Day: Car on West Bay

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Yesterday, our Photo of the Day was a couple of bikers tooling down West Bay near Power Island, along with their super happy dog. That was fun. Today, we’re going a step further with a car on West Bay parked next to an ice-fishing shanty just off Clinch Park Beach. It’s all part of my “Things People Do on the Ice” series.

I spotted the brave little car while driving down the parkway in Traverse City yesterday and had to pull into the marina and get a better picture. In the background is the “State of Michigan” ship parked in front of the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. Read more about that here.

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Vehicles on the ice are nothing new for longtime residents of Old Mission Peninsula and the Grand Traverse region. There are tales of horses with loads of lumber, a doctor’s horse and buggy, cars and other vehicles falling through the ice dating back to the 1800s.

And folks in the inland lakes still take their vehicles onto the ice for ice fishing and whatnot. As the emergency services people remind us, though, there is no “safe ice,” so proceed with caution, whatever you’re driving.

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