Photo of the Day: Frozen Trees in West Bay


Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of these frozen trees in West Bay just off the beach from Mission Point Lighthouse.

It wasn’t that long ago – maybe six or eight years? Ten? – that the water was low enough to walk out to these trees from the shoreline and never leave land. In fact, there were so many hikers out there that a nice little trail was established on the little sliver of land that went to the trees.

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Come to think of it, though, I don’t know that these trees actually existed at the time the trail went out there. Maybe they did, but weren’t quite as tall as they are now…? If you remember, chime in in the comments section at the bottom of this story.

It’s interesting that despite the higher water, the little island survived and things are growing on it. There’s another island just to the south of this one, with even more vegetation on it. That one’s been there as long as I remember.

At any rate, if you haven’t been out to Mission Point Lighthouse lately, the landscape is absolutely gorgeous – frozen trees, ice sculptures along the shore, and an arctic terrain all the way to Leelanau Peninsula. Stark, but so beautiful.

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