Photo of the Day: Open Water at the Lighthouse


Tim and I drove out to Mission Point Lighthouse yesterday, and as we got closer, along that open space on Center Road where you can see the little island in front of the lighthouse, I said, “Does that look like open water out there? That can’t be open water, can it?”

When we got to the lighthouse and walked around front, we were so excited to see that it was indeed open water out beyond the ice. That wild, ocean-like, rolling green with whitecaps water you see when it’s really raw and windy. Spring can’t be far off, can it?

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Here’s that same view from our Photo of the Day on March 1, 2019, three weeks ago, when those trees out in front of the lighthouse were frozen solid.

Frozen trees in West Bay off the shore of Mission Point Lighthouse on the Old Mission Peninsula
Frozen trees in West Bay off the shore of Mission Point Lighthouse | Jane Boursaw Photo

However, when we drove back south on Center Road and got to the Winery Hill lookout by Chateau Grand Traverse, I spotted these ice-fishers out by Power Island. I wonder if they knew that just a short distance north of them, the ice was breaking up.

Ice-Fishers in West Bay by Power Island by Jane Boursaw
Ice-Fishers in West Bay by Power Island | Jane Boursaw Photo


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