Photo of the Day: Whale Spotted off Haserot Beach in Old Mission Harbor

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Today’s Photo of the Day features a whale spotted off Haserot Beach in Old Mission Harbor. It was so big that it actually broke up the ice that’s been lingering in the harbor.

According to the Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station (check them out on Facebook), it’s still pretty early for the annual whale migration, but we watched this one play around out there for quite a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more show up later in the week.

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When that happens, Mission Point Lighthouse Manager Ginger Schultz says they will be offering whale rides for a nominal fee. Proceeds will help fund special projects at the lighthouse, with a percentage also going to protect the whales during their annual migration.

Lisa LaBonte, whose family owns a home on Old Mission Harbor, alerted me that a commercial food vendor recently applied for a permit to sell food to whale-watchers at Haserot Beach. I confirmed this with the Township, and will keep you posted about the upcoming public hearing.

Also, the Traverse City Visitor Center said they’re getting a lot of inquiries about the whale migration, and whale-watching trips are selling out fast. Could we see a Whale Migration Festival in the near future?

Have you seen any whales yet around the Old Mission Peninsula? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I just moved to north Indiana from whale watching Capitol, Dana point, CA. It shocks me that I may be able to celebrate these beautiful creatures in northern Michigan. After our quarantines I will come north to possibly catch the end of their migration.

  2. I can’t believe how high the water is — just wish that were an April fool’s joke too.

    Stay away from germs !!!

  3. Whale rides, ? I don’t recall this conversation . . . Must have been after quarantine lots-of-wine happy-hour 🙂


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