Photo of the Day: Sweet Cherry Blossoms

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It’s about that time again. Cherry blossoms are starting to pop out on the Old Mission Peninsula, starting with sweet cherries, followed by tart cherries in a week or two, and then apples.

Today’s Photo of the Day is courtesy of some beautiful sweet cherry blossoms on Johnson Farms, my family’s home farm, just north of Mapleton. I’m guessing they’ll be out in full force by mid-week.

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Before you know it, we’ll be in the middle of shaking cherries come July. But right now is when all the farmers cross their fingers and hope we don’t get a hard frost.

It’s been chilly the past few days – in the 50s – but hopefully we’ll get through blossom time without losing any cherries. Farmers on the Old Mission Peninsula are having a hard enough time selling their cherry crop these days without worrying about losing the entire thing.

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