Photo of the Day: Sunset Tractor on Center Road

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It’s like a scene out of “Gone With the Wind,” isn’t it? Can’t you just picture a cherry farmer standing next to this tractor, holding a sprig of cherry blossoms, proclaiming,

“As God is my witness, I WILL have a good cherry crop, and they WILL pay me good money for it! I’ll never be hungry again!” 

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Ok, maybe a little dramatic for most of the Old Mission Peninsula farmers I know, but I bet that’s what they’re thinking! In fact, I know for a fact that’s what they’re thinking.

At any rate, this Photo of the Day tractor is ready for its close-up against a sunset backdrop just north of the Old Mission Tavern on Center Road.

Spotted it last night on my way home from walking at the Lighthouse.

By the way, you can buy this photo over at our photo site, Click through that link to buy it as a print, download, framed print, wrapped canvas and more.

Bay View Insurance of Traverse City Michigan


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