Photo of the Day: Deer in the Garden

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We’re pretty excited to have a garden this year. Tim planted a little section of land along the driveway with squash, tomatoes, beans and other veggies, and we can’t wait to have fresh salads, sauteed veggies and the like.

Well, maybe. Word about the garden quickly spread through the neighborhood, and I spotted these two deer tramping through the rows eyeing the young plants. We’ll see if we actually get any fresh veggies or not this year.

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While it looks like they have an “uh oh” expression on their faces – especially the one on the left, who has some little antlers sprouting – knocking on the window didn’t deter them, so I had to go outside and politely shoo them away.

Even then, the deer didn’t scamper away. Just sort of meandered off into the woods, no doubt planning their return after I went back inside.

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